Beyond Division Initiative

Our hope for Beyond Division is to cultivate a space where individuals in a community are invited to discuss their thoughts on a variety of topics. Our goal is to encourage more empathy and respect for each other, while also allowing for productive discourse. Understanding the origins of opposing views and searching for a common goal can allow for social cohesion and collaboration within a community and lessen the divide between people.


These dialogues can introduce restorative practice skills into our daily lives. Restorative practice is important in society as it encourages healthy communication and helps grow relationships.

These skills are important for interpersonal relations and can help foster an environment of empathy in communities. Our initiative helps the people who participate in our dialogues to learn more transferable skills to apply to one’s social circle. In society, these techniques help to improve relationships with others, lessen crime rates, and encourage empathy and respect, which has many benefits that can impact progress towards community building.

Who is this for?

Beyond Division was launched to break down barriers within social groups and allow for community building exercises to encourage empathy. Anyone can participate. It is open to all people who are interested in hosting or participating in dialogues within their community.

Who does this benefit?

Everyone! Our community exercises are meant to be used as a tool for restorative practice in one’s community. These dialogues are here to help reduce tensions that surround popularly conflicted-on topics and to strengthen relationships as a result.

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For nearly 40 years, CDR has provided high quality mediation services to the communities of Lane County. CDR helps clients through the entire mediation process, from the initial call, to the final agreement and resolution. Our goal is to ensure that the mediation process is responsive, efficient, and affordable. Learn More About Mediation Services

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CDR's facilitation program guides groups through all kinds of issues and group dynamics toward resolution.  Whether your group is new or long-standing, large or small, informal or professional, CDR can help. Learn More About Facilitation Services

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Education and Training

CDR conducts trainings throughout the year in a broad range of topics. Our trainers have a collective hundreds of years of experience in all areas of conflict resolution. Our trainings are available to the public, and we also do custom training for groups of all kinds. Learn More About Trainings and Education Services

Building Peaceful Communities

For the past four decades, CDR has been building more peaceful communities in Lane County.  Our services, and the training and workshops we provide, have helped tens of thousands learn how to use positive communication to transform conflict.


Once a month, CDR provides a low-cost informational workshop for those considering separation or divorce.
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