Re-Imagining Community Safety

Network Image

The time is ripe to collaborate more deeply for community safety, including intervention and prevention of violence and bias crime.  CDR is collaborating with individuals and other agencies to catalyze and facilitate a County-wide impact network.  With a network of variety and depth, we can uncover the steps that we can only take if we take them together. 

Coalitions and networks are strongest and most impactful with a large and diverse membership. We invite stakeholders and community members who are inspired to create change together to get involved. Join our mailing list for regular updates on our work and information about upcoming events and initiatives. 

Listening Sessions

Join a small-group dialogue to learn about others’ work and share ideas about areas for collaboration around community safety. In these conversations we can contextualize what is happening in our community, through sharing information and centering community needs.

Network Convening

This in-person will bring together community members and stakeholders who are inspired to collaborate around community safety in Lane County.

Thursday, October 19th, 5-8pm
Friday, October 20th, 9am-3pm