Welcome to Us and the “Other”

So why an “Us?” and why an “Other?”

This course will guide you through the some of the psychological aspects of the “Us,” and the “Other.”  We’ll explore how we, the royal WE,  create an “Us” and how we create an “Other” in our minds.  

The psychology of in-groups and out-groups is well-studied, well-ingrained, and unfortunately often (if not always) unavoidable. 

But the real question is….

Why Does It Matter? 

Disclaimer:  the purpose of this self-guided course is not to draw conclusions for you.  The following lessons present and discuss well-researched, and widely agreed upon psychological processes that happen in our brains.  Our hope, in presenting this information in this way, is to allow you and others to draw your own conclusions, to be self-aware and self-reflective, and to hopefully work toward your own self-improvement as you may be willing and able to do so.

By the end of this course we’ll begin to approach an answer to the “why it matters” question.  But first, to set the stage, here’s a short video to help orient us to the upcoming content, and to put us in the right mindset…