Micro-communication Skills: A Four Part Series

 Micro-communications are the minute and discrete interactions we have with our friends, family, coworkers, and community members every day.  This four-part workshop series is designed specifically around the skills helpful for healthy Micro-communication.


Micro-Vignette: You want to convey some possibly sensitive information to someone… and you wonder how to word it…

Micro-Vignette: You’re significant other says to you, “I’m so frustrated with you I could scream!”

Micro-Vignette: You’re friend says to you, sobbing “I’m just so disheartened about this whole situation…”  

Micro-Vignette: You’re preparing for what you know will be a tense and difficult conversation with a co-worker or neighbor… you don’t know what to do.


After taking one, or all, of these workshops, you’ll learn skills and options to deal with the situations like those above.  

You will learn, internalize, and practice a variety of Micro-communication skills to respond to all sorts of challenges in your daily communication.  The workshop content and design will provide you with healthy alternatives via Micro-communications in your relationships and your life, helping you build a solid communication foundation from which to improve your relationships with and compassion for others (as well as yourself!).  

You can take any of these four Micro-communication workshops individually or as a series.

Any of Barbara’s workshops could also be taught to your organization or community/family group on request at a date and time you  prefer.

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Micro-communication Skills Part 1: Skills of Expression

Dates TBD

Skills of Expression

Agreement/Preference/Purpose Stating & Posture of Puzzlement
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Micro-communication Skills Part 2: Spirit of Inquiry

Dates TBD

Spirit of Inquiry

A gentle way to elicit more information
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Micro-communication Skills Part 3: Impact Preview

Dates TBD

Impact Preview

Learn how to "get ready" to prepare for a future event.
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Micro-communication Skills Part 4: Deep Compassionate Listening

Sunday, Oct. 25th 1pm - 4pm (Pacific)

Deep Compassionate Listening

Master respectful, grounded, and attentive listening.
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Save the Dates for Barbara’s Upcoming Workshops!

Tools for Harmony within Diversity:  
The Friendly Style Profile

November Dates:

Part 1 – Friday, Nov. 20th –  (10am – 2:15pm Pacific)

Part 2 (part 1 prerequisite) – EITHER Friday, Nov. 20th – (2:30pm – 6:30pm Pacific) 

OR Saturday, Nov 21st – (12pm – 4pm Pacific)

December Dates:

Part 1 & 2 – Saturday, Dec. 5th –  (10am – 6pm Pacific)

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(More dates to come!  For more information email paxdate@gmail.com)

 The Friendly Clinic
(Prerequisite: Tools for Harmony within Diversity) 

Wednesday, Oct. 28 (1 pm – 3 pm Pacific)

Tuesday Nov. 17 (5 pm – 7 pm Pacific)


(More dates to come!  For more information email paxdate@gmail.com) 

Justice with Healing

Thursday, Nov. 5th (1pm – 3:30pm Pacific)

Saturday, Dec. 12 (10am – 1pm Pacific)

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(More dates to come!  For more information email paxdate@gmail.com) 

Meet Your Trainer

Barbara Daté is “Hapa” (Hawaiian for “half”) half Japanese-American and half English, raised in an intercultural, interfaith residential co-operative community of 79 families on 100 acres 30 miles west of Chicago and within a progressive Anabaptist Historic Peace Church congregation (Church of the Brethren). Witnessing first hand diverse folks living in harmony and working out conflicts provides Barbara the vision that “Peace and harmony is possible!”  That foundational experience helped in her international work with the Irish and other indigenous peoples in North America and the Pacific Islands.  She specializes in understanding diversity and temperament/personality.  

Barbara contributes expertise that has evolved from a curriculum research and praxis team of a dozen graduate students mentored by Drs. Gilmore and Fraleigh, founders of Friendly Press, Eugene, Oregon. Beginning in the late 70’s their team developed a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on teaching adults and children Proactive, Prosocial Behavior (See original “MasterSkills” educational materials and training at Friendlypress.com)  Additionally, we benefit from Barbara’s personal life greatly influenced by her leadership within the Church of the Brethren (“Ministry of Reconciliation”).

Barbara’s holds an Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Interpersonal and Small Group Communication & Conflict Resolution, as well as a Ph.D. is in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Prosocial, Proactive Behavior (both from the University of Oregon).  Dr. Daté was the Esau Distinguished Visiting Professor in Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College/The University of Winnipeg 1995-1997. Barbara worked mostly outside of Eugene, Oregon, only sleeping here.  More recently she had been her parents’ caregiver until her mother’s death two years ago.


She works with the Center for Dialogue & Resolution (lanecdr.org) and is a member of the oldest international organization Fellowship of Reconciliation and Under a Northern Sky.

Barbara has taught this curriculum (“The Foreign Language of Caring”) in various formats for over 3 decades (3 credit graduate, undergraduate and high school courses, intensive workshop series and regular workshops) in various contexts.  This will be our first endeavor to teach them online and will be working the kinks out in the earliest online trainings.

Hot off the press! Barbara and her co-author Lorna Monkman (Métis) were just published in Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace & Conflict Studies which is the featured chapter: Justice-With-Healing:  An Adapted Indigenous Model of Justice & Healing of Relationships. Volume 51, Number 2 (2019): 65-104

(NOTE: Barbara will be teaching the Justice-with-Healing 2-3 hour workshop in Eugene towards the end of the Summer/Fall and other locations on request. To contact Barbara directly: Email: paxdate@gmail.com