Tools for Harmony within Diversity
The Friendly Style Profile

This workshop provides concrete, practical skills to sustain
healthy relationships in a diverse world. Unfortunately, so often we end up in
one or a series of conflicts because we lack one or a set of interpersonal
skills. The good news is that skill development is a fairly doable way to build
healthy relationships!

Whether we are relating to coworkers in our work spheres, in
our personal lives, with our neighbors, with our fellow students, or members of
our extended families, or within our various communities, we can learn to build
healthier relationships, prevent dysfunctional conflict, and become better
equipped to understand, affirm, and work compassionately with one another.

This workshop will explore a practical means of
understanding one’s own and others’ behavior using the inventory tool, the Friendly
Style Profile
. With these deeper understandings we will also look at customized
and specific skills to use in our various relationships.

By helping us “speak each other’s languages,” Dr.
Barbara Daté will guide us in an in-depth exploration of our individual and
cultural differences and requisite skills to use in everyday work and
life.  These skill sets added into one’s
toolbox, can immediately help prevent dysfunctional conflict and improve
respectful and compassionate relationships in various contexts in one’s
life.  So many conflicts which occur
develop from a lack of interpersonal skills and unfortunately develop into such
conflict that often there is an “exit” scene by one party simply because the
individuals or the group/organization did not know how to prevent it from
developing into a crisis.  Both
researchers and practitioners know that prevention is cheaper than crisis
intervention!  We can all benefit from
adding more tools into our interpersonal competency toolboxes to help us
continue to build a workplace/community/world at peace.   If you stay awake during this workshop, we
guarantee that you will have some clear and specific skills to use when you
turn off your computer, laptop or smart phone!

The educational materials are included in the Tuition Fees: A
Friendly Style Profile
inventory and textbooklet, the Daté periwinkle coil workbook
Tools for Harmony Within Diversity, and two customized Personal Style Profile
name cards.  

Registration closes about 2
weeks in advance because the survey must be filled out and returned in advance
in order for us to prepare all the customized materials. 

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